O 1480 Musk Tahara White

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It is preferable to use white musk on the body after bathing in hot water, so that the pores of the body are open to receive musk.
After finishing the shower, the body is dried well and softly to avoid scratching or redness.
White musk, by spraying it on the body, is used for perfuming.
There are a set of tips that will lead to a long feeling of the smell of musk, which is by placing some points of white musk on the areas of the pulse in the body, which include: the wrist, the soles of the elbows, in addition to the elbow.
Perfumed musk points are also preferred to be applied to the interior pieces of clothing.
One of the favorite places where white musk is placed is the neck and the back of the ear, and it can be placed behind the ear and neck.
It is also possible to use white musk in the form of sprinkler, such as perfume, and spray it on the body in general and put a little white musk on a pad, on the last day of the menstrual cycle.
Wipe sensitive areas of the body with a cotton of musk.
The use of white musk as a deodorant.

Size: 100ml Spray

  • 100ml Spray
  • 50ml SPRAY
  • 10 ml Roll On oil

Ingredients: Ultra

  • Ultra


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O 1480 Musk Tahara White

100ml Spray / Ultra
100ml Spray / Ultra